Systems Biology Theory Lunch

Schedule of talks for 2003-4

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HMS, Alpert Building, Room 436 unless otherwise indicated

5 Dec 2003  Lew Cantley  
12 Dec 2003  Aneil Mallavarapu  Towards a biomodelling language
9 Jan 2004  L Mahadevan  Elastic propulsion
16 Jan 2004  Mike Springer  Homeostasis
23 Jan 2004  Jeremy Zucker  How to debug a bug
30 Jan 2004  NO MEETING
6 Feb 2004  Jeremy Gunawardena  Ultrasensitivity
13 Feb 2004  Mark Siegal  Different format. Please read this.
20 Feb 2004  Daniel Segre'  The cellular response to metabolic perturbations
27 Feb 2004  Tim Mitchison  What governs the length of the meiotic spindle?  IN C-515
5 Mar 2004  Radhika Nagpal  Scaling and proportions: modelling the gap gene network in Drosophila
12 Mar 2004  Peter Woolf  What is a good systems biology experiment?
19 Mar 2004  Leonid Mirny  How does a protein find its site on DNA?
26 Mar 2004  Marc Kirschner  Evolvability
2 Apr 2004  Tom Knight  Synthetic Biology: the constructionist agenda
9 Apr 2004  Kendra Burbank  What governs the length of the meiotic spindle? Part II: an analytical approach.
16 Apr 2004  Kevin Brown  The statistical mechanics of sloppy models: nerve growth factor signaling
23 Apr 2004  Reinhart Heinrich  Methods for the theoretical analysis of cellular networks
30 Apr 2004  Uri Alon  Network motifs and their biological functions
7 May 2004  NO MEETING
14 May 2004  Srba Mijailovich  How to build comprehensive models in systems biology
21 May 2004  Jeremy Gunawardena  The mysterious behaviour of Sic1
28 May 2004  CANCELLED  
4 June 2004  Tandy Warnow  Genome-level phylogenetic estimation
11 June 2004  NO MEETING
18 June 2004  Galit Lahav  Waves of Memory: oscillatory behavior in yeast transcription circuits

Theory Lunch will go into recess during July and August. We will reconvene in September 2004.
Have a good summer!

current schedule

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