Applying machine learning to problems in bio-informatics

Yoav Freund
Center for Computational Learning Systems
Columbia University


Dr. Freund is an internationally known researcher in the field of machine learning, a field which bridges computer science and statistics. He is best known for his joint work with Dr. Schapire on the Adaboost algorithm. For this work they were awarded the 2003 Gödel prize in Theoretical Computer Science.


In the last year I have devoted most of my time to the application of machine learning techniques to problems in bio-informatics. In this talk I will show how machine learning methods are used in Columbia University to extract information from a variety of experimental data sources. I will cover:

I might cover some of: Through these examples of my work and the work of others in CU, I will demonstrate the great potential of machine learning tools for advancing experimental methods in systems biology.


Manuel Middendorf, Anshul Kundaje, Chris Wiggins, Yoav Freund and Christina Leslie, "Predicting Genetic Regulatory Response Using Classification", to appear in Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 2004. PDF

Yoav Freund and Robert E. Schapire, "A short introduction to boosting", Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 14:771-780, 1999. PDF.